Crisp and massive euphony. This is the sound of four saxophones, when they are handled by four good musicians […] This is just very good.

Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske tidende

The receipt of your group's CD has compelled me to write.  I am now looking forward to a long and lasting depression due to your music with it's truly inspired concept and performance.  I must now face the realisation that my own crudely conceived vision of a sax quartet + featured players is now destined to be a vague shadow of SAXOPATHS.  In the past, I was happy to receive some good and some not so good disks at my shop...but now, this.

Mark Rakita, USAHorns

This is new music with a smile on your lip. Hurray, hurray and hurray […] Give them a hand

Anders Beyer, Information

All four of these musicians are very talented, work well together, and the result is a recording that is cohesive, focused, and above all, highly enjoyable. Find it if you can - Pathology comes highly recommended to all listeners, not just fans of saxophone quartets.      

Michael G. Nastos, Cadence